Freewing Zeus High performance 90mm EDF Sport Jet
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● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  


 EPO foam & ABS Plastic
 Wingspan  1200mm / 47.24"
 Length  1450mm / 57.08"
 Take off weight  2820g / 98.95oz (w/o battery)
 Top Speed  205KPH / 128MPH (w/o missiles)
 EDF / Propeller  90mm 12-Blade ducted fan
 Motor  3668-1960KV Inrunner Brushless Motor
 ESC  120A / 8A BEC with EC5 Connector  (Thrust reversing ESC)

 Digital Hybrid gear servo 9g ╳ 2pcs
 Digital metal gear servo 17g ╳ 7pcs

 Landing Gear

 Electronic retractable landing gear with metal shock absorbing struts

 Cabin door  Front door, Main Landing gear door
 LED lights  Formation lights  ╳ 5pcs 
 Spcial accessories  Multi-Function Control board
 Ailerons   ●
 Elevator   ●
 Rudder   ●
 Flap   ●
 Canards   -
 3DTV Nozzle Set   -
 Gyros   ○  FreewingGuard 6-Axis gyro
 After-burner   ○

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● Standard    ○ Optional   - Not Included  
Models   EDF Fan Motors   ESC Servos Landing gear Cabin door Led lights


Control board

ARF Plus - - - -






Specification parameter introduction
Skill lever
Specification parameter introduction
Receiver requirment
6CH Receiver
Specification parameter introduction
6S 22.2V 
Specification parameter introduction
Tail wing fixed by Screws
Main wing without screws
Specification parameter introduction
Build Time
Less than 0.5 hour



Color scheme and appearance

Freewing Zeus is primarily colored in blue and white, and is painted with high contrast color blocks that stand out in the air.

The fuselage section is relatively square, with a smaller overall cross-sectional area and reduced aerodynamic resistance.

Horizontal tail lower reverse design can increase the elevator efficiency and increase the rudder stability.


LED lights and cabin doors

This jet includes 4 pcs navigation lights and 1 pcs front landing gear taxi light.

Complete front/rear landing gear doors, it will close the doors during flight to minimize flight resistance.


Landing gear

Both the front and rear landing gears adopt a rocker arm structure, which has good shock absorption effect.

The adhesive area of the front and rear landing gear fixed mounts is increased, the structure is optimized, the unloading force is dispersed, and the impact resistance is stronger.


The front and rear fuselage

The front and rear fuselage are assembled with buckle structure and screws to facilitate storage in the later period.

This design reduced packaging volume significantly, saved shipping costs, and reduced the use of packaging materials, making it more environmentally friendly.


"Quick" II screw-less portable install structure of Main wing

For the main wing, one of the most frequently disassembled components, we designed the "Quick" II screw-less portable install structure.

With gentle pressure, the main wing can be detached or installed. Convenient transportation and facilitate storage.


High strength main wing

The main wing made of 20x high-strength EPO material can withstand the huge load brought by a maximum speed of 300km/h.

Note: 20 times high strength EPO material is only applicable to the main wing, excluding the other parts of the aircraft.


Other wings

Horizontal tail and vertical tail used the screws to fix without glue, convenient for transportation and facilitate storage.


Control surface

Continuing to use the Freewing Model traditional hidden control surface hinge, the structure is sturdy and the appearance is exquisite.


Control surface Arm

The upper and lower double layer plastic parts, double fixed with glue and screws, connected with metal ball heads, more smooth movement of the pushrod.


Equipment usage space

Large equipment usage compartment space can accommodate all 6S/8S batteries suitable for the 90 series EDF jet.

After simple space expansion and modification, all necessary equipment suitable for turbojet flight can also be installed.


Thoughtful design of important logos

The lower surface of the main wing has a center of gravity marking line. Get the accurate important information anytime, anywhere.


Rich Power system options

-6S PNP version

It pre-installed 3668 in-runner motor with 90-12 blade plastic ducted fan and 120A ESC with thrust reverse function.

-8S PNP version

It pre-installed 4075 in-runner motor with 90-12 blade metal frame ducted fan and 120A ESC with thrust reverse function.

In both configurations, a maximum speed of 200KPH / 220KPH is achieved during flight


Extensibility – Gyro

The "FreewingGuard" Six-Axis gyro effectively enhances the flight experience and escorts you!

A new “Freewing Guard” gyro, after download the app, you can freely set the gyroscope parameters on your phone through the Freewing Blue Bridge.

What you move with your fingertips is what you think! For more details on Freewing Guard, please click to know!


Extensibility – Tail after burner LED light

Motor tail prefabricated 2 screw holes, you can install the tail after burner LED light according to requirements.


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